Simon’s Cat “Smitten”

This is a short video about a cat.

It involves a love struck cat who tries to impress his Valentine.

I thought it would be especially appropriate to share during this time in February, since it’s almost Valentine’s Day.

So, enjoy the humor. And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cool cars at a car show

I want to share some photos I took at a local car show. The city of El Cajon is host to a series of car shows, which occur weekly during the summer months. They always have a different theme each week, where they have a particular special type of car to be showcased. The participating cars need to be from the year 1972 or older. The show always draws a large group of viewers,  many of whom are real enthusiasts of vintage cars. I appreciate seeing these old vehicles, and admire the work that has gone into restoring and maintaining them.

This gallery of photos was taken during last summer.

IMG_2495IMG_2501IMG_2504IMG_2512 IMG_2505IMG_2510