“You Are Here” Underwater Projection

This video is a composite of underwater scenes. I compiled them together and added movements to create an underwater swimming experience. My rationale for this video was to connect the video with the environment in which it would be shown. The area for the viewing of the video was in a room which gave the appearance of being in an ocean-like setting. The ceiling contained undulating panels which gave the impression of waves above the viewers. The walls contained windows which resembled large porthole-type windows, as you would have on a ship. It provided the illusion of being in an underwater vehicle, like a submarine, when viewing through them. I wanted to create a visual connection between the physical environment of this room and the video being viewed. My goal was to visually relate the two perceptions to create a cohesive underwater effect. I hope you enjoyed the experience, and didn’t get cramps from the diving, or too cold from the water.