Pic of Pat with her art

Image of Pat with her artwork

This is a little bit of information about me:

Who: My name is Patricia Hopkins. However, that first name is only used for formal documents.

I almost always shorten my first name to Pat, which is much easier to say and has less syllables.

Among many other roles, I am a wife, a mother, and a college student.

What: This blog is being created initially for a college course. It will be utilized as part of an Art class, titled ” Interactive Art”.

Where: The class is held at Grossmont College, which is located in El Cajon, California.

When: This course is occurring during the Spring semester of 2014.

Why: I am taking this course because I am interested in discovering what Interactive Art encompasses, and learning more about what it involves. I have to admit that, at this point, I do not know very much about this category of Art.

I am intrigued by this topic and will be enthused to learn more about it.  I think this genre of Art is growing and becoming more prominent throughout the many diverse facets of the Art world. I believe that Interactive Art will be evolving quickly through the establishment of large-scale urban installations.

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